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  • ...lication. In fact, you should give it thought as you head in that direction--but you don't have to obsess about it. LOL I'm liking the way I can cultivate different aspects of my writi...
  • ...omatically associating my characters as being me...and this is years after publishing an erotic romance in my name! LOL I know it's possible to cultivate different audiences with diff...
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    ...encounter the wretched faces of racism, classicism, and entitlement. Prepare yourself for battle through education. Know God and thyself first. Cultivate a life with your passion and...
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    ...otivate you to write?  My motivation comes from a desire to carry out what I believe is God’s plan for my life. I write to empower, motivate and cultivate women.       6.  What is the...
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    ...a way that strengthens our dignity as a people and we must develop the bigheartedness to celebrate the achievements and victories of others and cultivate the humility to share our own...
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  • ...you're writing about, this question is significantly less complicated. I'm about to publish a biography based on private writings and managed to cultivate a very warm relationship with...
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    ...d stumble upon my writing, or if I am lucky, seek it out.   I work to cultivate and nurture a reading audienc...floyd.com Imagination is the key to freedom. The artist's job is to cultivate and nurture her or his imagin...
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  • I would say that too, cleaning, I mean really cleaning instead of spot cleaning to just get it done. I can sometimes not cultivate relationships, going off into my own world. But sometimes I find the need to be selfish is how I get writing done.
  • ...of the significant milestones of his infancy and childhood.  The first time I held him I was magnetically drawn to him, compelled with desire to cultivate a unique individual from this...
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  • Thanks so much.   www.anjuellefloyd.comImagination is the key to freedom.The artist's job is to cultivate and nurture her or his imagination, and that of others.