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  • Hi Samantha, Have you visited Joanna Penn's site yet?  It's got some of the most us...names of places and characters that 'feel' right fall into place. Best wishes. Dana...
  • Dear Dana, welcome aboard. Feel free to pitch in. I appreciate your comments. I come back again to the issue re agents: the major houses have all turned it down. I thin...
  • Hi SheWrites, I'm new to the site and have checked all boxes to get emails to stay in the SW loop but have not received any. Any idea what I have done wrong? I have a query that I would like to get help with but am not sure how to go about it. Thank you in advance for your help, Dana Schwartz


  • Shelley Workinger posted a status
    You shouldn't have to be coerced into reading about airline #FoodFic:


  • Linda, your brain-washed comment is just plain rude.  You might disagree with the blog, as Vi and Dana did, but name-calling is beneath us all.
  • Heh! Philippa, I'm so north of seventy the air is thinner! Living an extremely full...s to pay. Well, they too hope for success in a really challenging business. And Dana, I laughed aloud at your last...