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  • Am totally in scriptfrenzy mode at the moment, occupied until end of the month. So looks like 2nd week of May perhaps?
  • Even though I typed my structure map (for readability and changeability), I still cut out each chapter and pasted in on a board so I could see the whole thing at a gla...
  • this is exactly what my book is about -- all this. and it's funny and poignant and answers all these questions and it comes out in sept which oh my god is around the c...


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    Hey Guys, I am totally happy to be part of Shewrites were in I can express myself in a way I would be able to share it with you guys
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    I have been on the most rewarding ride of my life. I thought I was on a totally different path until the pandemic. I was moving toward what I thought was my destiny. I now realize I ended up confirming it.
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    Al Jaffee: MAD Magazine’s All-Around “Mentsh” with Much “Tam” About a year ago at this time, I interviewed two recently emerged and international musical performers...


  • Great advice, Elisabeth! Text sounds different on your ear than it does as you read si...uld read her work out loud at some point, and certainly while in late revision mode.
  • I totally understand your frustration with social media. I just braved the social...rin advised me, you have to shift hats as a writer, shifting from creative mode to business mode. My main apprehension is maki...
  • I totally hear you. I just wrote a blog post about when and if I should hire a publicist but so far no one has responded. I self-published in mid-December and it sound...