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    Social Media is an essential part of a working author's life and Publishing indeed doe...-your-author-platform/ Kami Garcia – YA Novelist – She is a great Twitter Role model. She has a high level of int...
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  • Today I talk a little bit about my 2016 writing plans and my new goals for 2017 on my blog. I wasn't able to do all I've originally planned for 2016 but with better pl...
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    So Essay Writers, as we list places to get our essays published both on line and in print I have to ask, what are the goals. I have been fortunate to have my essays pu...
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    Quickstart your Success with PeerMentoring; Create powerful partners to support + achieve goals. FREE video
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    TaskQue is an efficient and innovative task manager system that boosts individual as well as your team productivity by...
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    Happy spring, authors! What are your current writing goals?


  • Thank you so much for this. I will sit down and define my goals for my first book. I never thought about it in this way but I can see how important and stabilizing it must be. Noel
  • One step at a time indeed. Good for you. And thanks for sharing with such honesty and wisdom. When I run, if I start to feel a bit tired I give myself tiny goals: run...
  • Interesting!  My brother is brain injured from a fall several years ago. His daily goal is 4000 steps. They help him set mileage goals and so far he has completed the...