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  • Okay, trying again: Dear insert well- researched name of agent: In THE COLOR OF SAFETY, by Sara Selznick, past and present form a complex mosaic of African-American...
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    I found this through one of my favorite Freelance Writer's, Mridu Khullar, Facebook post this morning.  Seems that software developer Brad Isaac said he had productivity advice from Jerry Seinfeld. Read on for the whole story from Brad. Advice from Jerry Seinfeld on Writing.
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    Los Angeles, the city of make-believe, where people go to reinvent themselves. West Adams, one of its first suburbs, a magnet for new wealth in a provincial city with...
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  • Three things about my novel, How to Bury Your Dog:¬† When a developer threatens the heart of her rural community, a woman rescues herself in her efforts to save the la...
  • Thank you Linda for a really informative article and congratulations on your happy choices. I have a question about money: does the total you paid for publishing in Sh...