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    I hear so much lately about developing a platform, particularly for non-fiction writers. I'm writing a memoir, which I think is the only exception to typical non-ficti...
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  • Candy, Speaking from a parents' perspective, my own anyway, I bought my daughter YA books when she was a middle school student. Of course, I didn't want material centr...
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    My thoughts on raising our children without "religion" over at What do you get when an ex-Catholic and a Jewish atheist answer their children's questions...
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  • Jody B. Miller posted a status
    I wanted to share my experience in writing 1 novel and 3 non fiction books so far. I h...n my next book in the SHIFT series and the first novel in the BRIDGE series (a modern day Cupid and Psyche fairyt...
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    The Farm By George Benda This is an eye-opening and p...wake up in time to keep our civil liberties and our modern life as we knew it intact?...for everyone who is worried about the state of our modern world and is ready to take...
  • Hello Monica, New writer publishing a memoir. The subject matter interests me from the perspective of developing coping mechanisms and self-care skills for memoir writers. I worked in various aspects of child welfare services and have some ideas about the subject. Looking forward to the discussion.


  • Stumbled on your post. I love the unusual formats you create. This post is sad, funny, and makes me wonder if it's true, or if you're developing a character for a story. Thanks.
  • Thanks, Julie. You give some of the most practical advice about developing a personal philosophy behind creating an authentic social media brand. Treating it like a pa...
  • As a new member and taking those first tentative steps into developing a writing career, I really appreciated your post and look forward to the other installments. The...