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  • Started by Saytue Saye
    Hi, I think this is my first post, so i'll go head and introduce myself. I'm Saytue and I'm one those people dat does a lot of things, because I'm gifted in those thin...
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  • Started by Zetta Brown
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    Hi everyone! I wrote a new blog post for my Zetta's Desk blog called "Who Farted? : Why Character Development is Important to Plot." I wanted to address the subject with a bit a humor, because I simply cannot be serious all the time. :)
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  • Started by Carolyn Haley
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    A good article about character development on the below-listed blog. It was initially posted on the CHARACTERS forum. Some of the advice is applicable to forming concepts for query letters and synopses.
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    In the Atlanta area? Join us Saturday, March 30th at 9a for Get Into Character for 2019, our workshop exploring character development via cosplay. Details & registration at .
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  • While writing my historical novel, I found keeping track of online research to be difficult, even with Bookmarks, and then I found Write It Now.  I used it to keep tra...
  • Teachers and students strongly encouraged me to write a book based on my presentations.  I resigned at the end of the 2002 school year. And began writing.       “Never...