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    1. The Seattle Arts and Lectures Poetry Series ( is beginning this fall and will include the following poets: Martín Espada; Tomaž...
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    Mark your calendars and RSVP now for our December dinner meetup, a special holiday event with award-winning author and fellow She Writer Tayari Jones. Because she will...
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    The Contessa at the Crossroads is open for tours reviews and more! Come check us out! Mention this post and we can set you up with a wonderful tour at a discounted rate!
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    The goose is getting fat, so if you're looking for holiday gifts, how about a book signed by the author with a personal note to the recipient? Books will be discounted...


  • 1. I enjoy a very short hair length. 2. Pantyhose make me sweat and itch. 3. Fascinated by snakes. 4. Only like to shop for used or discounted books. 5. Prefer polish...
  • Thanks for the additional facts here, Zetta. I always appreciate your insights! It would be really really easy for a big deep-discounted order, followed by a huge retu...
  • Of course you're right on the money with your advice! Thank you. Long before I wrote and published my non-fiction book I once picked up a discounted book at Barnes and...