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  • I am probably most afraid that what I write will be dumb...I am far away from I am finding it hard to create the space for myself to get into my writing mode which is a special place--I a...
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    Hi All, Below is an excerpt from my new book, That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman's Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery (September 2009 - available on I...
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  • I hope a lot of you watched "Discovering Ardi" on Discovery Channel last Sunday. If not, don't miss it tonight! What did you find most intriguing? I was especially tak...
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    Touched By Adoption More On Rejection & Some Advice About Coping In a recent a...e eased with an apology or a good night’s sleep. Just like minor slights, moderate hurts – like sharing a co...
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    #FoodFic Sometimes a vintage book can offer brand new information:


  • Oh thank you for making me feel so less odd for my constant obsession with finding out about the writing process of other authors! So far I don't have a Process as such; instead I am feeling my way in the dark towards discovering one.
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    Hi, Joanne.  I'm so glad you're "done" too! Congratulations!  You ask a burning question: is it possible to market AND write at the same time!  I'm struggling with tha...
  • It is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, when I am looking to publish writers' works, in the old days I had to search for works in the library or Strand Bookstore...