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  • Started by Colleen Green
    My wordpress site is having a free drawing to win a visa gift card All you have to do is subscribe via email to enter. I've been...
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  • Started by regina barreca
    Last reply by Deirdre Sinnott
    This is great—and this discussion is precisely what women writers need to have about our own work. Hooray for the struggle. The battle here, polite as it is, is betwee...
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  • Started by Kelley Harrell
    Last reply by Kimberly Cain
    Join me for discussion of the path of modern mystics and to explore The Spirit of a Woman at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, 8 August at 3pm. Hope to see you there! ~Kelley ~ Soul Intent Arts ~ Intentional Insights
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  • Hello Monica, New writer publishing a memoir. The subject matter interests me from the perspective of developing coping mechanisms and self-care skills for memoir writers. I worked in various aspects of child welfare services and have some ideas about the subject. Looking forward to the discussion.


  • Thanks for this discussion, Kamy. I just did a panel with Richard Bausch at AWP, and love the quote you have from him on this. The five of us on that panel all agreed...
  • Lori - I think you've just sold quite a few books with your last discussion. All I can say is "genius marketing":) and a very open discussion which was long overdue. T...
  • It's interesting because both men and women have responded on my blogs so I don't necessarily write themes gender specific. I do however find myself navigating back to...