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  • .... I've figured out a name also.  I definitely didn't want something that was too hard to pronounce because those are my least favorite books.  I dislike trying to get into a good sto...
  • country mine was based on or anything like that, I think it would be so much easier then trying to come up with a completely new place.  But I dislike books where it's hard to pron...
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    Please tell me since I'm curious-what's your opinion about prologues and epilogues. Do you dislike them or do you write them? Would one be better than the other?
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  • no matter what a person thinks or says about my writing..."It's ONLY THEIR OPINION, that's all. One person's opinion. And don't we all like or dislike different things? So now a on...
  • Why are women inclined to dislike (envy) one another for having wonderful experiences? I say go out and have great experiences yourself! Leave envy to the witches.
  • Isn't that why we are all gathered here a She Writes and not He Writes. It's natural to dislike rejection. It's hard to get back up, believe in yourself and move on. congratulations!