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  • One of the problems with all the accessible technical tools for publishing, movies and music, is that there is a general sense that anyone can do it. Doing something f...
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    Hey Everyone.  I'm looking for someone to read and critique my WIP. I would love to read/critique your novel in exchange for your help. My novel is a women's fiction/l...
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    The selective androgen receptor modulators known as SARMs, is an active drug or medicine that is basically used to triggers changes in the DNA to increase individual m...
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    Louisiana Catch traverses through three distinct places—New Delhi, New York, and New Orleans—revealing the foodie nooks and crannies in each city:
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    Second Chance Car Loans Second chance car loans may assist you in getting back on the road while also helping you to repair your credit. However your credit score c...
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    Guidelines for Oxford Citation Style Students who have to use oxford writing format for the first time tend to take help from the oxford referencing generator tools....


  • Hi Susie :), Yeah that fear of running out of ideas-- yeesh-- that can be paralyzing and turn into a circle. Good point.  Gale-- Oh very very good point. Yes, sometimes those self-imposed requirements can stifle the creative flow. I'll have to keep that in mind. 
  • Trudi, that is a fabulous commentary on the requirements for your work.  You probably don't know this, but I also work as a psychotherapist and have for 30 years - and...
  • When I edit for others, I bring it to their attention. I call it their "crutch words and phrases" because they rely upon them so much. I'll highlight the words or phra...