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    Hi everyone, I'm new and will be publishing 3 books in 2014. Looking at distribution channels: Amazon Kindle, Amazone Createspace, Ingram Spark and Smashwords. Can I u...
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  • Started by Birdie Newborn
    I just happened to be on CreateSpace and noticed that two more channels are available to me (or anyone) for free. Free, I like that. So I switched them on for most of...
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  • Started by Lisa Kathryn
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    I understand that copyright laws protect all forms of my curricula and books. But how can copyrights really protect digital materials, eBooks, PDF files, etc? From wh...
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    rivka schiller posted a status
    Al Jaffee: MAD Magazine’s All-Around “Mentsh” with Much “Tam” About a year ago at this time, I interviewed two recently emerged and international musical performers...
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    Are You Ready to Become an ‘Authorpreneur’in the New Year? A new year, new projects to complete and just maybe one of your new projects is publishing your own books...
  • Sheila Grinell posted a message for Lisa Thomson
    Just saw your comment on my post. Book store distribution was through my publisher, She Writes Press. Good luck!


  • I was considering POD, (print on demand) for my poetry volume when I was introduced to my friend's publisher. This woman, who will publish my book, is the best of both...
  • In tailoring my essay to how I made the decision to publish with SWP, I didn't mention the recently added bonus of having Ingram Publishing Services come on board as S...
  • Amazon is a lot bigger than self publishing and it gives authors a forum to move our work because the moretraditional outlets will not give indie publishers the time o...