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  • I don't have an MFA. My bachelor's degree is in journalism and my master's degree is comes to fiction writing, I think the school of life is as important as any mode of formal education. That sai...
  • It's a rare gift of a poem that arrives in perfect form. Revision is essential to the art of poetry, and is an art in itself: it takes an equal skill to know when to stop revising, when you've begun revising the life from a poem.
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    Milagros Hill is a recovering political fundraiser living in Washington D.C. Don't even get her started on political talking points. But do check out her blog, The Goo...
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    An astute Learning & Development professional with 14+ years of rich corporate experience, Rachana Arya has worked with top of the line organizations like Marriott...
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    To Tell The Truth In a few days I’ll send out the email book-launch announcement about my book, Victory Is My Name, a Memoir. The introduction says, “This  book will...
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    Hook: The line that makes you stop and read… God Does Not Live on Earth Story: The why am I writing you… Those things hidden will become known. So, what are you hid...


  • I couldn't agree with you more that writing groups are wonderful. I love my writing group -- all women. It's been essential to my efforts to write my first book. We don't have any competitive feelings that I'm aware of, though, as we all do such different things, albeit nonfiction. 
  • Early morning DOES seem best, that meditative peace and focus are essential.  The mind opens and pours out.
  • What a very, very helpful post. I see a lot of myself here. I find it quite liberating, especially since what you say is the opposite of a lot of what has already been...