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  • Started by Jenny Steffan has long been dominated by unrealistic beauty ideals and narrow definitions of what it means to be a woman, Instagram allows women to showcase diverse body types, skin tones, and l...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...ndscape Before Literary Landscape Now Dominated by men More diverse and inclusive Limited pe...mpower not only themselves but also their readers by shedding light on diverse stories and perspectives. Hi...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan writer, navigating the daunting waters of the literary world, unsure of whether her voice will ever be heard. On this program, she discovers a diverse community of women who share...
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  • Jane Schreiner posted a status
    ATTENTION 'WANNA BE' AND 'ALREADY AM' WRITERS She Writes is an incredibly diverse resource for any woman wanting to be in anyway active in writing at any level! Check it out!


  • Thanks for the encouragement Nancy! I am going down byeways of possible illigitimacy- harder to prove one's forbears were 'diverse' shall we say?Yet the absence of proof is itself a kind of proof, and sheds light on so much kept dark!
  • Do you have an agent?  I feel memoirs are so diverse and personal, finding compatible readers and editor would be my first thoughts to guide one on their particular memoir proposal wr...
  • ...eams work. The team is truly as strong as it's weakest "link." If we--SWP-- is weak in the diversity arena, then it will weaken us as a "team" of diverse authors. As long as all of th...