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    I have a lot of writing assignments right now. I'm writing for employers on ODesk and doing articles on Bright Hub. I'm also working on articles for magazines, and wor...
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    Yay! Starting 7 May I will be teaching a 4-week online class, "Writer's Block and the Shamanic Narrative" on the Pagan Writers Community. You don't have to be Pagan, y...
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  • I taped a checklist of things my son has to have packed for school the night before on the front door. I got tired of rattling it off the top of my head. Plus, my job...


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    Hi, I Eline Black. I am a writer. For this time I write coursework assignments for university and college students.
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    I founded coursework writing service. In the the past few years, coursework writing has become a aspect of educative activities of many scholars belonging to top rated...
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  • I must say that I have never had any problems with the writing assignments that I got from teachers at school. In fact, I have managed to help my fellow classmates onc...
  • So true, Kelly. I've been there. I suffered for 9 years in an office job I had convinced myself that I liked. But as time went by, I realized that I wasn't happy, my m...
  • I have no probalems with Tips 1-4. I've got all that down pat. I think my biggest sticking (or "stuck" as the case may be) point is with Tip #5. I know I should do thi...