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  • I definitely know what you mean when you say the world crea...a sticking point, that's when I'll go into research mode. I've found it useful to use...the India-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir as a rough model, and have each country claim...
  • Talking about self-publishing as a "last resort" only after you've been rejected by th.... Campers celebrate their DIY motorcycle-zen skills. My advice is to pick your mode of transport and enjoy the tr...
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    10.09.2009 Repost: Ask Beth One of my first posts... My back and forth and I got into one of my mother modes. Mother mode is when I brainstorm with back and forth and I got into one of my mother modes. Mother mode is when I brain...
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  • Diana Y. Paul posted a message for Vivienne Diane Neal
    I am so happy you now have an Audible version of your book too. Isn't it wonderful to listen to the narrator's voice for a different take on your story? I still listen to my debut novel, Things Unsaid, on flights to pick up nuances different from what I had expected from the actress! So much fun!
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    Hot off the press! AROUND THE WORLD IN 50 YEARS: Travel Tales from a Not So Innocent Abroad (Braughler Books, March 2019). “All my life I have disagreed with Da...
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    Guidelines for Oxford Citation Style Students who have to use oxford writing format for the first time tend to take help from the oxford referencing generator tools....


  • Oh, I love these quote and I love Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. I am going to pick up The Writing Life. Thanks for this post!
  • Honored to be the editor's pick off the week!
  • Oh, I forgot to mention your book cover. Sorry. Don't "They" know the cover is what draws the reader to pick up the book. I have a dreadful cover on one of my middle g...