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    would this be the e-mail address to submit / enter contest: [email protected] many thanks in advance :) Kirsten
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    A lot people seem to have great success at these things so I thought I would try it. I write Y.A. Novels and Short Stories. I would love it if some one can read the fi...
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  • Yes, on my old blog site, there was a strange religious guy who did start stalking me. Although at that site I did not blog under my name, and I did not have my e-mail...



  • Fanks! I'm so psyched to be here! My mind's already buzzing with some great questions and feedback. Can't wait to hear about more SheWriters' experiences and address these in future posts!
  • Thank you...really...this is a difficult conversation to have and at times, even including ourselves in part of those unwilling to address. I needed this voice of hope because we have come a long way but have a longer way to go.
  • Thank you.  I always hated the question, "What do you do?"  Well I do a lot of things, but I've never been more satisfied as when I could say I was a writer.  The firs...