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    Hack Mod Cheats Glitch Scavenger     Creators Peter Skogvold Scavenger...i relly like the game. but being a casual gammer i woud relly like a slower mode. its perfeckt for you get gut...
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  • 10 ways to make your new home functional and cozy after divorce
  • Whatever makes you a more sane, healthier, happier person ALSO makes you a better parent.   Don't feel you HAVE to do something, like breastfeeding or co-sleeping or "...


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    I was born with a brain that works differently. I knew always, but the things my brain wouldn't do seemed so unimportant and so outweighed by its strengths that it wa...
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    Part 4: Women Are Not Rehabilitation Centers for Broken Men I’ve heard many Black Men profess, “I want a ride or die.” What exactly does this mean? Well, the origin...