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    ...ll easily earn more commission by having a greater number of downline members but unfortunately, that’s not the case. For you to get these earnings, you’ll need to have a...
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  • ...9s, etc. They need to do their own paperwork. So, taking it on the flip side. You are a US publisher with UK authors. You will need to report any earnings you pay to this UK author to...
  • Actually Gang Chen, who wrote the article, did not self-publish and his high earnings are extremely atypical. He used vanity publisher Outskirts Press. He made much less money than he...


  • Just earned a small credit for one of my ebooks from Amazon's KDP.  I hope that such earnings will snowball over time!
  • Hi Brooke, This was one of the most down-to-earth, useful and insightful summaries of earnings expectations I've ever read. Made me feel better about my first book, Off the Leash, and it's a good reminder to get out there with my next book & mix it up.  What great advice!! Thanks!
  • Thanks, Brooke. As a first-time author about to launch a memoir in the fall, I appreciate your perspective on earnings, especially the three-year timeline.