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    I have been inspired by the two links members posted below in the comments. I read the...creative endeavors, and this helps me see why. So what do you think? In which mode do you feel most creative? Do...
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  • Chocolate. . .indeed, that's a great answer for me to ease the pain. I will go to Barnes, look at all the new books, envision my own on the shelf, and buy one of their...
  • Hearing your stories and considering the perceptions you have to endure, I can compare it to the nightmare many people go through before finally getting a diagnosis of...


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  • Wonderful essay!  I don't mind those 'on-the-spot' conversations.  Mama raised me to b...ay be completely different once I actually sell a book.  I could go into panic mode. But then... that's what the...
  • Whew! Thanks, ladies! I knew I wasn't the only one struggling, but it's nice to get co...head and took me a weekend to write. Karen A. Wyle - It IS hard to shake edit mode, especially when you do it fo...
  • I agree to some extent. I blog for business and separately for pleasure. If you want a successful blog then you need to write with an audience in mind. In most cases a...