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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    Unlike many music theory books, A Music Tutorial For Novices is not written for reading music. Rather, the series explains the fundamentals of music, starting with the b...
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  • Started by Kakwasi Somadhi
    Hello, Sister Writers: I have finished a couple of drafts of two children's books, and I am looking for some editorial feedback before I proceed with more rewriting. If you are an expe...
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  • Started by Jennifer Bouley 100 words) as well as headshot. All articles have to comply to our editorial policy below. Once approved,...o, we especially welcome students and freelance writers. Rules and editorial policy - All posts should be...
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  • Emily Miller posted a status
    Offering editorial services for women who want to tell their stories.


  • ...ation attached to the quest of GETTING reviews, mixed with the desperation of what to do when you get bad ones I get it, I really do -- my first editorial review on my second novel was...
  • Catherine, yes, you can contact us at she writes. We offer editorial services: brooke [at] shewritespress [dot] com.
  • ...nd finally drawing a line in the sand to give myself enough time and thinking space began to make all the difference. That, and hiring excellent editorial guidance!