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    I've been spending a lot of time painting lately, which means something else is going to be neglected (for me that means mostly housework). But kidding aside, there ar...
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    Thomas Spence, president of Spence Publishing, in The Wall Street Journal (September 24, 2010 "How to Raise Boys Who Read") addressed a recent report from the Center o...
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  • While I haven't used her services formally, I have enjoyed the newsletters, blog, webinars, and resources that Jennie Nash offers. Here is her website for more info: ... good luck, and congrats on finishing a first draft!


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    Blogging is the matrix of the digital world platform. It connects those looking for information to those who have the information.  Blogging is a scheduled conversatio...
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    I founded coursework writing service. In the the past few years, coursework writing has become a aspect of educative activities of many scholars belonging to top rated...
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    By Susan Binau, Cancer Survivor and Published Author Mommy, Can I Call You In Heaven?: How we coped with cancer as a family I couldn’t live my life to the full...


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    Thanks, Suzy. I also find Brooke's webinars very helpful. I'm in constant questioning mode asking what do I want my reader to takeaway from this. Posting sticky references is a great suggestion! 
  • Such a big, deep question. Ultimately I feel like children sense our secrets--I know I picked up on my drug addict/alcoholic mother's...and when she corroborated, year...
  • Thanks Brooke.  Are all of the webinars at 1pm ET on Wednesdays?  How is the Q&A conducted?  And are the proposal evaluation and consultation at the end of the 8 weeks?  It sounds great, I'm just trying to figure out the logistics!  Sara