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  • I have been on Twitter since April. I am @Wendy_Tokunaga. I seem to use it in a different way from others and I'm not sure how effective it is for me as a fiction writ...
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    What are some of the most effective ways to use Social Media Marketing to promote your books? I find there are so many options and yet, if one is not focused the process can be less than optimal.
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  • Oh! Now I understand... Time management is tricky. The thread just came up in another discussion elsewhere. I am cutting & pasting the original q followed by three...


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    My Kind of Guy By Paddy Bostock This is a wonderful contemporary comedy with a twist of romance and fantasy. I love the story on so many levels. It is also poignan...
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  • Re Brooke: I don't know their discount. But the fact is that as a Create Space author you can only have expanded distribution channel (which means everything but Amazo...
  • Gloria, I appreciate the way you are re-immersing yourself in your own wisdom by applying the principles of your own book! Not only is this effective from an outside p...
  • Paulette, I really enjoyed reading this and I support and applaud your decision to self-publish. In the end, we just have to believe in ourselves and our work. We have...