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  • I just joined She Writes. Yours is an excellent business. In the long run, that pricing model could wind up doing far more damage than the model it replaced.The Journal piec...or publishers with their antiquated pricing models: Amazon is already eating i...
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    If a picture's worth a thousand words, why don't we teach visual literacy? As we tweet, blog, sms, drive, watch television, movies, commercials, etc. need to create e...
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    Now, wouldn't you love to invite them over to dinner?   I know you've all had one. Some of you might have had several. You never forget them, no matter how hard you t...
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  • Bernadette Geyer posted a status
    My online workshop - Writing about Place - starts on Feb. 26th! Space is still available.
  • Melissa: You left a wonderful comment on an article of mine about mixing politics with...efs from our writing. It's not a new phenomenon. I recall Johnathan Swift's 'A Modest Proposal' and Dante's Infer...
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    Hello, Just started adding info here. Interested in connecting with other authors and learning ways to hone my writing skills and promote and market effectively.


  • I checked out you mail chimp enewsletter. Nice! Especially liked the dance video. I have mailchimp account but not using it effectively yet. Good luck on your launch!
  • Thanks, Ashley!   I'm struggling with titles for my non-fiction book about familiarizing people with the way their body works so that they can take care of it and inte...
  • Indeed, I love you all. Not least because you've taken the time to read this post and respond to it so thoughtfully. I do very much want to help all of us promote our...