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  • A very effective form of promotion that most authors overlook is cross promotion and link swapping. People don't seem to do this much these days but it is a powerful p...
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    I have been informed that, having no contacts in America or a track record there in films, that the prospect of selling my script to agents there, on its completion, i...
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    Thomas Spence, president of Spence Publishing, in The Wall Street Journal (September 24, 2010 "How to Raise Boys Who Read") addressed a recent report from the Center o...
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  • Bernadette Geyer posted a status
    My online workshop - Writing about Place - starts on Feb. 26th! Space is still available.
  • Melissa: You left a wonderful comment on an article of mine about mixing politics with...efs from our writing. It's not a new phenomenon. I recall Johnathan Swift's 'A Modest Proposal' and Dante's Infer...
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    Hello, Just started adding info here. Interested in connecting with other authors and learning ways to hone my writing skills and promote and market effectively.


  • I never found a contradiction between writing and activism -- my blog, then journalism, then book (Fast Times in Palestine) were always about educating people about a...
  • I suppose you can look at the exercise like a form of gambling--in this case you're gambling on the hope that some truly creative ideas arise, which they very well might, depending on how effectively the editor and his gang of thugs are muffled. We're all alive, so why not write?
  • Read your enewsletter - nicely done! I have a MailChimp account but I'm not using it effectively yet. I have so much to learn. I especially liked the video at the end. Best wishes on your book launch!