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  • A very effective form of promotion that most authors overlook is cross promotion and link swapping. People don't seem to do this much these days but it is a powerful p...
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    I have been informed that, having no contacts in America or a track record there in films, that the prospect of selling my script to agents there, on its completion, i...
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    Thomas Spence, president of Spence Publishing, in The Wall Street Journal (September 24, 2010 "How to Raise Boys Who Read") addressed a recent report from the Center o...
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  • Bernadette Geyer posted a status
    My online workshop - Writing about Place - starts on Feb. 26th! Space is still available.
  • Melissa: You left a wonderful comment on an article of mine about mixing politics with...efs from our writing. It's not a new phenomenon. I recall Johnathan Swift's 'A Modest Proposal' and Dante's Infer...
  • Charlene Johnson posted a status
    Hello, Just started adding info here. Interested in connecting with other authors and learning ways to hone my writing skills and promote and market effectively.


  • Excellent ideas, Ellen. I'd never considered the library idea; it seems particularly good for your type of project. My writing group has been invaluable for the very r...
  • Hi Julie - I've been "away" for a while as I'm in my next novel's development phase, which is one of the difficult parts. Come to think of it, they're all difficult pa...
  • I checked out you mail chimp enewsletter. Nice! Especially liked the dance video. I have mailchimp account but not using it effectively yet. Good luck on your launch!