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  • I don't have an MFA. My bachelor's degree is in journalism and my master's degree is comes to fiction writing, I think the school of life is as important as any mode of formal education. That sai...
  • Marcia is right that you can build up an audience yourself with a self-published book, but that only works if you are the kind of person who is good at self-promotion....
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    Minutes ago, yes, minutes. The outcome of the Cybils 2009 shortlist distressed me enough to write about it now. Here's the good news: From our database: * Total eligi...
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  • Victoria Chames posted a status
    To Tell The Truth essay for MAT @ 9/22/20 +PROMO files In a few days I’ll send out the email book-launch announcement about my book, Victory Is My Name, a Me...
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    Hook: The line that makes you stop and read… God Does Not Live on Earth Story: The why am I writing you… Those things hidden will become known. So, what are you hid...
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    Hello, Just started adding info here. Interested in connecting with other authors and learning ways to hone my writing skills and promote and market effectively.