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  • IMyreply to Diane Jones: I too am working on a (second) memoir and it's taking forever. I attribute it to the length (much longer that the first), the content (much mo...
  • Do we need to pit the forms against one another or is it better to discuss how they differ and what each format offers? Performance poetry doesn't always translate we...
  • oy! jessie you are lucky!  i have no problems being a demanding wife :) and I do tell my husband he needs to suck it up most of the time - but since the writing thing...


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  • Thank you for sharing this reflection, Catherine. I'm afraid of heights, too, but work to overcome that fear by climbing. While studying in Ireland, I climbed castle...
  • Katheleen-I have a love/hate relationship with caffeine. It makes me much more efficient, but it keeps me up at night, too. I sleep better when I don't drink it, but I'm cranky and exhausted by 4/5 p.m. I haven't found the right balance yet.
  • Renate Stendhal commented on her article Dreams of Dancing
    Yes, one copy or so is circulating on a performance circuit, Judith, and that's how I could see and review the film in SF. But that's a very small chance for most of us -- one day here and there. We are wondering about regular distribution and Netflix... Fingers crossed!