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  • The process of reading books has not changed in centuries, and the latest options have turned reading into a technological boon. Have books will travel. Yes, the newes...
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    Super E-Reads  is a brand-new display website dedicated to showcasing ALL electronic publications, both self- and traditionally published. We believe that with the exp...
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  • Last night I spoke to a college professor, who teaches psychology and sociology, and she's still bubbling about her Kindle, the Amazon.Com, version and the first elect...
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  • The Quintessential User in “I Care A Lot” On Netflix RileyRose Author McKesson Golden Globe winner Rosamund Pike, play...


  • I like the idea of spring cleaning desk top isn't as extreme as the picture but pretty close. Thanks for the reminder that clearing clutter involves my electronic collateral as well.
  • Didn't see your blog, Zetta, until this morning.  That's how disconnected I've gotten from electronic socialization in the past month, and I'm sorry because what you w...
  • Tablets are taking over the electronic world. E-reader sales are diminishing. Even amazon is clued into that with their tablet/kindle fire. People are demanding availa...