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  • Hi Zetta, I've done both. Initially, I published using a pen name because I was warned that some of the local populace might want to do harm to me or my home because I...
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    I don't know if anyone else does this, but it focuses me right away. I drop in pictures of my characters or where they live and it helps me get in there right away. I'...
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  • Started by Julie Maloney
    One of my writing workshop participants shared this quote with us the other day. She did not know the "owner" but it resonated with me on many levels. With September a...
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  • Mary L. Holden posted a status
    When authors wonder who will read their book, a good place to start the "wandering" is in front of their own bookshelf! When I gave some thought to this, I wrote an ar...
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    Hello. I just published my first book! It's called Free to Roam; Tails of a Housesitting Adventure Across the UK. Now I'm hoping to learn more about marketing with the help of She Writes!
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    Ready for a great NEW YEAR! God is soooo good! Marketing and blogging this morning. Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove -- BUNDLE (Parts 1 and 2)


  • Since my novel came out (The Night Counter, Three Rivers Press 2010), it has gotten ve...on't love to hear themselves talk, putting them into a weird split personality mode. As an example of the marketi...
  • Yeeeees, thank you for sharing! You state things so clearly that I can really nod too,...t my instincts as a paid writer (which have been set to "panic and desperation mode" for a few months) have been...
  • @ Anastasia Ashman ... I totally get what you mean. In fact, that's the marketing angle I'm taking--I'm trying to "normalize" my work. I do understand the perspective...