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    ...le residential unit, Fiskslondon takes the strain of looking for a tenant off your shoulders. It manages the process expertly and technically to eliminate the day-to-day stress of diff...
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    ...e read from many aspiring writers, I would say get an opinion from a professional about your style especially your sentence construction, try to eliminate basic errors and don't rely o...
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    ...nd a bucket more. Delete every fourth page and add bridging transitions. Create a subplot dartboard, apply blindfold, and hurl pointy implement. Eliminate whichever subplot I eventuall...
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    ...s of writing inactivity, you may discover your mind has been quietly developing some interesting concepts. • Writing is your job; you need to eliminate the social distractions and d...
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    ...t Robert Olen Butler is talking about when he talks about yearning is love. Which, of course, is precisely what the Fearmonger in Chief would eliminate from our cultural consciousne...


  • "That" is an over-used word. I had my journalists circle it and then re-read their copy to eliminate the clean the copy. I have noticed it is often over-used or incorrectly used in literature, too. I would include it while doing the above, not as an additional. 
  • ...m in the process of self-publishing my novel The Upper End of In Between.  It's a phrase from the book, but I came to this title after having to eliminate the one I intended to use bec...
  • ...client, if I notice certain words or phrases, I'll highlight them so they can see how many times it occurs in the manuscript. I then ask them to eliminate or rephrase as many as possib...