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  • Trestle (to that old best friend in the magic of summer) share a canvas and dirty brushes cardboard palette with splats of summer's oils on your dad's garage floor; p...
  • I have used both, and I gave up on Blogger when I started seeing too many people using the same template I was using! I also encountered a lot of problems with pages s...
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    In this competitive era where companies are looking to gain customers by all means, having a good website is an important part of the process. You can get a business...
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  • Olivia Taylor posted a status
    Hello Everyone, This is Olivia Taylor from Tampa, USA. I have found out this website from search engine. I work as a freelancer, and love writing articles as a hobby on topics related to business and technology. I was wondering what if I can share my article for you.


  • Excellent article! I've been sadly pondering this subject since the announcement. On Sunday, my husband and I put our gardening hats aside and took a ride on our four...
  • Just stumbled across this book blogs customized search engine, but haven't tried it yet. Let us know if you do & what you think:
  • I'm still reeling from that train-wreck of a query letter. Thanks for the tip about the book blogger search engine. I have been trying to build up a bloglist of dedicated book-reviewing bloggers, but it has been scattered and piecemeal. Jen's advice is practical and helpful.