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  • Started by Adrian Stevenson     New Solitaire Card Game hack tool   Subtitle: Play Classic Solitaire! Size:...
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  • Started by Mercedes Keyes
    My husband is white, English and I'm black, American. He is such a hunter of history a...elf from the area not wanting to watch; because all would be stripped of their modesty, man or woman, no matter,...
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  • Started by Q Dymoon
    An active blogger, I post every day and sometimes twice a day. I write for the community in Second Life (virtual world) on the fashion and lifestyle of the "fashionist...
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  • anjanettepotter posted a status
    This is a movie review for my entertainment blog “Out and About”. It is the new Lion King (2019)
  • ENTERTAINMENT – Justin Timberlake is a Magnetic Leading Man in Palmer on Apple TV
  • Victoria Chames posted a status
    To Tell The Truth essay for MAT @ 9/22/20 +PROMO files In a few days I’ll send out the email book-launch announcement about my book, Victory Is My Name, a Me...


  • Bella - thanks for the insight, as I don't know if I've ever quite seen one of the points of entertainment (reading and other forms) quite so succinctly presented. It...
  • What a successful launch! Congratulations. You really came up with some exciting entertainment ideas to make your night special. Thanks for the tips.
  • Pamela--I think the stars have aligned in women's favor for gutzy humor, and how great that you're here at the right time ! I was surprised to learn that it's only bee...