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  • Started by Jenny Steffan out property again. • With this type of investment, it is easy to establish credit with suppliers. This m...e products at lower prices than most retailers that don't have credit established with suppliers. • Pharmaci...
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    ...e some writers who do this on the side, who would be very reasonable in cost or even trade edit/proofread services. Also, questions about how to establish beta-readers. Any ideas?
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  • ...names.  I think if you specialize in one certain genre it's easy to have all your titles under one name, but if you have several, might as well establish a brand/name to make it easie...


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    ...s excellent credit, and they are ready to look beyond credit ratings when determining whether or not to provide loans. In order to do this, they establish strict approval criteria, whi...
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    Second cuppa Joe on the horizon. Editing manuscript. Sloooow, but sure! Trying to re-establish eaaaarly morning writing routine again. Feels good, but body has to adapt. Slow, but SURE. Website:
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    ...19) and coach women post-divorce or after ending a relationship. As a creativity and mindset coach I help writers develop a positive mindset and establish a productive writing practice...


  • ...e first put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard)! Writing is as much an adventure into the unknown as it is a routine habit that we need to establish in order to get the words fl...
  • ...look at dollars versus daydreams. Communities such as this one here at SheWrites have a profound influence on all of us because we meet, greet, establish relationships with and contin...
  • ...person joy rather than angst, I guess is the real issue in most people's lives. Maybe there's some stories to be explored in that, me trying to establish myself as a script writer, an...