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  • Started by Deborah Siegel
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    Hi bloggers, My blog, Girl w/Pen ("bridging feminist research and popular reality") is almost 3 years old, is part of a well-established feminist network, and has a p...
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  • Erika--I'm in Putney in the southeast corner. It's small--population 2600 or so--and not at all cute, thank goodness. The town is about equally populated with people w...
  • Started by Debbie Dillon
    I set the last plate to rest in the dishwasher and swirl the towel across the counter completely distracted and lost in the questions still circling in my head:  Why d...
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  • Started by Colleen Green
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    I am a writer who is in the process of finishing my final revisions to my novel Last Words. A romance suspense book based in the California Napa Valley area. I've alre...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    If you are a pharmacist, or looking to get into the pharmacy business, you may be interested in buying an existing pharmacy. However, there are some important things t...
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  • BELLWETHER PRIZE accepts submissions September 1 (from PW) Literary prize supports fiction addressing social justice; winner gets $25,000 and publishing contract By L...
  • I'm of two minds on the subject.  I have a Nook and love it.  I also really love books and still spend a great deal of time in the bookstores.  I'm with you:  browsing...
  • Started by henya drescher
      I'm In the process of editing my finished thriller and looking for a dedicated critique partner. . . or an established critique group in Manhattan.
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  • Thanks, Alison :) It's funny that you say that--I'm in the midst of agent talks right now, but not for the book that's previewed on my website! It turns out that book...
  • Started by Kendra Levin
    Last reply by Terri L. Atkins Febuary
    Hi all, Just got this message from a director I once worked with and wanted to pass it along: SHORT COMIC PLAYS SOUGHT Eric Lane and Nina Shengold, editors of twelv...
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