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    Hey All: I created a new group called Dynamic Multimedia Event Planning, a vital new tool for getting the word out about your book, especially if you have a specific...
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  • Here are links to a couple of posts I did last summer with tips about events. Event Planning: Engaging at Events:
  • Dear friends, This is my first post, although I have been following "the action" of this committee for several months. I am publishing the unpublished 18th century le...
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    10 Tips to Creating Your Author Wardrobe Several years ago, when my first novel, The Black Velvet Coat was released I had purchased the perfect dress for my launch...
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    By Susan Binau, Cancer Survivor and Published Author Mommy, Can I Call You In Heaven?: How we coped with cancer as a family I couldn’t live my life to the full...
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    that's awesome that you're publishing soon...where are you planning on publishing? So sad to hear what happened in Spain and Finland.


  • I want a piece of that cake! Congrats on a successful event. Planning pays off.
  • This weekend I couldn't carry a notebook around to different events, and here I was searhing the tables for some sort of paper, anything, to write on. So - left over event folders ended up my notebook!
  • Zoe, I, too, would have absolutely fallen in love with a book like CURRENCY in my own...erhaps so many that young women are no longer quite as conscious of what "role models" these female protagonists...