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    I don't know if there are many others like me reading this site, but I could definitely use some help or advice. I'm a content developer working on an algebra resourc...
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    Last reply by Amy Wise
    We almost have everything we need in place! I cannot give the exact release date yet, but I can say that the book will definitely come out in December, so be sure to put it on everyone's gift list!
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  • I have a 1979 edition of Roget's Thesaurus I don't think I could live without. I love it because in addition to one word synonyms, it also has colloquial phrases, expr...


  • Donna Bryson posted a status
    John Michael Koffi’s “Refuge-e: The Journey Much Desired” is a memoirs of his teens _ years he had barely left when he self-published his book earlier this year. It is...
  • Janelle Stear posted a status
    William Faulkner said, "“If a story is in you, it has to come out.” I believe there is a story within all of us. We just need to find the right words to get it out. I have the words, but I struggle to get them out the exact way they sound in my mind.
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    I'm not sure where to direct this support question, but... I'm new to SheWrites. I was about to write my second article, but I have no Writing (or Write button; I can'...


  • Wonderful essay!  I don't mind those 'on-the-spot' conversations.  Mama raised me to b...ay be completely different once I actually sell a book.  I could go into panic mode. But then... that's what the...
  • Imagine being in a room at the most ungodliest of hours.  The arctic temperature is meant keep you awake.  The endless procession of food served in styrofoam -- not to...
  • You're completely welcome to share it, Shah.  The plug back to my website or book on Amazon would be appreciated.   I've heard that some Amazon reviews have been decli...