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  • Started by Jenny Steffan coping with the same problem to know where you need to be. Every individual should really have a prepared emergency backup strategy that is examined and updated from time to time...
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    Dear gang, I have been doing computer searches to try to figure out which smaller presses are still available, and I found this reference at McAdam Cage: I let those wo...
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  • Started by April Katko
    ...nts my knee began to bother me so I started to rub my knee. Mrs. Baxter took notice of this action and sent me to the nurse. The nurse Mrs. Varga examined my knee. “You have a minor co...
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  • ...writing shorter pieces -  short stories and articles using my life experience. A story that didn't make the cut for the book was published by the Examined Life Journal and an opinion p...
  • ...ntense--ours or theirs... It's odd that the subject of women's friendship--it was going to be my next book, but now I'm not sure-- is quite under examined--considering its importance.
  • ...nteresting article in Scientific American (about a zillion years ago, before burqas and hijabs were common on European and American streets) that examined the airflow inside the robe t...