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  • The second blog post I choose to review is written by: Erika Klein and titled: 'Too Li...'d barely started. Of course I (being a writer) was immediately in postulation mode. "I wonder what letter one wo...
  • Excellent definitions. And good point about the identifiable/libel.
  • Excellent idea! My blog is more entertaining than funny since I write about sex. Everyone does it (hopefully), but no one wants to talk about it in a non-threatening kind of way.  Best, Stacy


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    Tips and Tricks to Building the Perfect Mobile Landing Page By now most small businesses understand that a mobile strategy is a non-negotiable factor for success, but...
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    Are You Ready to Become an ‘Authorpreneur’in the New Year? A new year, new projects to complete and just maybe one of your new projects is publishing your own books...
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    I'm reading Mary Torjussen's Gone Without a Trace. Its excellent. How did I miss reading this author?


  • I think what is also quite clear is that women who succeed professionally--especially.... "let herself go") and had no-nonsense hair.  Now that she is in pre-campaign mode, her hair is always perfectly...
  • Excellent advice, Karen.  Thank you.
  • Erin Bell: Real writers get rejected all the time! You are in excellent company! And most of us don't have degrees in creative writing! Thanks for reading and sharing! Good luck with your novel.