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    ...y, I ask; what are we talking about, writing about, thinking about during this time? What ideas are sparked through sincere discussion and honest exchange? What do we have to lose; per...
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  • Hello all! I am in final stages of a spiritual memoir and looking for beta readers. I am looking to exchange manuscripts with another memoir writer who also needs readers. I have done...
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    Started by Nikki
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    Hi Ladies, I am currently working on a mystery novel and was looking for a partner to exchange feedback. The basic premise is - When a hurricane hits Texas, absent-minded single mother Ria takes refuge at her friend's house and becomes a suspect in the friend's husband's murder.
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    Joanna Torrey posted a status
    I am a fiction and nonfiction writer, eager to find a community of writers for support in the writing process and an exchange of ideas


  • ...d provide feedback. 2) Offer a trade: Maybe you are good at building websites and there's a new editor who needs one. Think of services you could exchange with an editor just getting s...
  • Brooke Warner commented on her article Distribution 101
    Patricia, thanks for reading. These are the divisions of Ingram: Ingram Publisher Services is traditional distribution. They take a commission in exchange for actively selling their pu...
  • I recently gave away 6 of my first book in exchange for a review. That was almost a month ago. So far only one person has written a review. (I sent the mobi as it had photos and the pd...