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  • Of course I'm interested! Love your blog; some day I'll be able to travel *wistful sigh* I have your link up now :) Off to find a Gem for today's post! Catherine Dowman said:. Here's the link let me know if you're interested. Cate
  • I don't have any experience with self-publishing, so I don't know how long that process takes, but a blog tour can be set up fairly close to the time the book is going...
  • @Brooke I understand what you're saying. The exchange of ideas related to spiritual writing should be actually inspiring. As spiritual beings in a world full of spirit...


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    Joanna Torrey posted a status
    I am a fiction and nonfiction writer, eager to find a community of writers for support in the writing process and an exchange of ideas


  • This is a great site. I already like the exchange of ideas I've seen here.
  • For all of you who hate Facebook, I am the opposite.  Perhaps I feel so differently because I have children--former exchange students who lived with me, and friends al...
  • Just approved & welcomed 27 new shewriters - did 23 and before I could complete them, 4 more requests appeared. You have definitely started a movement. And I think...