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    Welcome to this group! The idea for it emerged in a conversation with a fellow-writer. We talked about the paradox of feeling optimistic and capable in our lives, whil...
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    Dear... When Samantha and Michel Laurent purchase an apple orchard and cider mill in a small Connecticut town with an abolitionist past, she views it as a fresh start...
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  • Katherine: I can feel the energy of your excitement. I'm so glad that you find the group and your involvement engaging, encouraging and inspiring. Thanks so much. anjuelle Imagination is the key to freedom. The author's job is to cultivate and nurture her or his imagination and that of others.


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    Deconstructing Dark Romance, (Exploring the darker side of human nature in fiction) What is dark romance? That was a question I was asked recently. For me as a...
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    Hello everyone! It is now March 10.2020 and I see some pages are not Updated with New Information. Let's keep up with the tracking of the New Post. Well, with all s...


  • Thanks so much for this encouragement to write the memoir and with a valuable link to "finding the past" and the journey that most people love to take out of excitement, curiosity - the fact and the fiction of it all - how can one not elaborate imagination of what one finds out - thank you again
  • Carol, I think of a blurb as something written (for back of book, press release, website, etc.) while a pitch is usually verbal.  When trying to give my blurb as a ver...
  • I am in the same boat, Kamy. I wanted to have finished a manuscript by now but managed two chapters. I'm trying being nicer to myself (instead of 'you lazy....' more '...