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    Hello Kelly, First, thanks for replying. I've made pretty much the same assessments; 'Mean-spirited, defensive, and often (not to exclude myself) those who misread or misinterpret dis...
  • ...ists who are 18 years old. There is a lot of sex and drugs in the book, as well as a loss of faith in God. Do these characteristics automatically exclude the book from YA literature?...
  • Started by Kate Powell
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    ...is it that women think it is fine to have a group that excludes men but find it wrong for men to have groups which exclude women.  I am not talking lega...omen's groups do not think that it is wrong for them to exclude men. Any thoughts?
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  • Started by Laura Kotti
    ...e.) But, is there anything I should know or avoid in the proposal? I've tried to write the marketing section, but I'm not sure what to include or exclude. I researched the competing b...
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  • ...ossibility of “forgetting from whence we came.” There are states like Texas and Arizona who are trying to rewrite history in school curriculum to exclude or minimize the contributions...
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    ...and some references to slavery; definitely historical. My thoughts were how could a publisher who publishes southern authors and southern stories exclude those elements that are a par...
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  • ...s a snippet from PM: >>Print and e format sales are "reported by venues offering a wide range of general interest titles" but specifically exclude "self-published books includi...
  • ...s! Also figured out a solution to my problem... Becoming Miss America will be written into a fictional piece and my Memoir-yet to be titled- will exclude that experience. I have start...
  • Hi Tamara, I am planning to submit a short piece for the anthology. I wonder--if we don't have a website (as indicated as required to submit), is that okay? Can we just exclude this? THANKS for the great announcement! MJ
  • Started by Kendra Levin
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    ...ons will be anthologized here for the first time. If your script has been or will be published elsewhere, please let us know where. This will not exclude it from consideration. We ca...
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