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  • It's really hard to be in waiting mode and I sympathize. It's something with which you new material is always hardest for me because I love revising. As far as "exclusives," I agree with Tanya's...
  • Well, I too have had this conflict… so I started to write two different blogs for a was all coming from the same place and person, so I put both blogs in rest mode and started a new blog. This...
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    I'm trying to remember a few titles of books I read sometime in the late 60's, early 70's. I would so appreciate any help, anything at all. I read all of these around...
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  • Liked your Facebook page. In this day and age where it is rare to get a rejection letter but instead its the "if you do not hear from us in eight weeks (or longer) yo...
  • I don't believe that capitalism and doing the social good are mutually exclusive - in fact I think that it is the creative connection of the two that will truly lead to economic prosperity for many, and not just a few. I will check out Noreena Hertz... thanks, and thanks for your comment.
  • Eileen, that's a great question, and as you probably know, a huge can of worms. While...azon may believe that if it can keep those publishers from moving to an agency model, Apple will choose not to se...