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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...get as a pet. Cats, mice, lagomorphs, ferrets, and birds are also popular. Most animals have multiple purposes. They can help with loneliness and exercise, as well as improve your card...
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  • Started by Alex Jimenez
    ...interest in the sport. At 60, I'm certain it's beyond reach as far as developing useful skills but it would still be cool to use it as a form of exercise perhaps. In the meantime, I'm...
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  • Cassandra Black posted a status
    I ate tooo much yesterday; the goal is exercise a little later ... maybe after some morning dressing! ENJOY your day... goal three miles ... something better than nothing for me today. Join me in moving the body!   Happy Shopping; stay safe.
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    Diet, exercise


  • ...includes the largest impact on the blood glucose levels, this implies the GI is definitely seventy or moreA low GI diet plan as well as standard exercise is considered the most powerf...
  • Mae, for me this is the number-one benefit of NaNoWriMo: a daily exercise in powering through the paralysis of perfectionism. It gets easier and easier to put down the words imperfect...
  • Couldn't live without books, both reading them and writing about them, a conversation I now get to have about so much more of my reading since making a decision to use that exercise as part of my writing practise.