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    Years ago, officer Gina Russo fired a shot in self-defense, which caused an explosion, killing career criminal William Nicholas Mancuso. That's what she and fellow off...
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    You may or may not be writing about adoption and yet, like wall paper on the wall or the floorboards underfoot--adoption, the fact of it, is part of your experience. Has that informed the way you write, the way you think about writing and the way you approach story?
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    Anyone have advice or suggestions about how to accept positive / negitive feedback on first pages submitted to a writer's conference? I'm attending my first con this S...
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  • Aimee Liu posted a status
    “Fiction is the art form of human yearning.” – Robert Olen Butler “We are living...Chief?) – does little to quell its effect on my psyche. I’m in fight-or-flight mode all the time, feeling angry a...
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    Over the last few years, I have experienced profound internal shifts - some as a result of life situations; some as a result of personal choices. How do I explain it?...
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  • Yeeeees, thank you for sharing! You state things so clearly that I can really nod too,...t my instincts as a paid writer (which have been set to "panic and desperation mode" for a few months) have been...
  • Deborah, I cried constantly from the first time I heard the news through Obama's speec...s. But when it's people I know personally and love deeply, I kick into 'brave' mode and remain solid as a rock, a...
  • Great advice, Elisabeth! Text sounds different on your ear than it does as you read si...uld read her work out loud at some point, and certainly while in late revision mode.