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    Can anyone recommend a good publicist?  Can anyone share their experience of working with a publicist to promote their book?  How did it help?
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    A thread to share know-how, experiences and tips regarding virtual bookshops. Do you think "Spike Days" are a good idea? What author features on Amazon do you use - a...
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  • I completed the 50,000 word goal of NaNoWriMo this year!  Now I'm in the 'tweaking' mode before submitting my 'Baby' t...


  • Honoring my Soul November 22, 2018 | Antonia Teresa Amore-Broccoli Monday November 19, 2018 The moon entered into bold, take charge and self-confident Air...
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    Research for Historical Romance: A Bear Lake Family Saga! I had fun writing the Bear Lake Family Saga series because I was able to put some very interesting historical...
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    I'm excited that you've come to this site. Let's share notes and experiences as we move forward in our writing.


  • I’ve just read all the comments here with my hands shaking and my stomach churning the...held about my mother and my own origins since childhood. Hmm, yup, whiny brat mode achieved… but seriously, I th...
  • It's such a topsy-turvy time in reading, writing, publishing. Looking forward to hearing about your first-hand experiences in all three.
  • My best friend from high school and i are talking about writing a book together, alternating chapters of our experiences growing up in a beach town on the 80's, separa...