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    Dear all, On May 23 it was decided that queries should be explored in a private setting....
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...e lasting scars. Just as a tree's growth is influenced by its early years, so too are a woman's trust dynamics shaped by her past. Now that we've explored some of the underlying reason...
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  • Started by Alaya A. Dannu
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    I created this group to share some information and have conversations about lucid dreaming and dreamwork that is not explored in depth amongst the masses. Hopefully, the conversations...
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  • Started by Anne Tammel
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    ...on a journey through a historical and literary landscape so vibrant, so vividly and generously splashed with color and love that it could only be explored through poetry. Here is a wom...
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  • ...ty and wonder of the time, as well as the distressing and painful experiences. As I was writing it, I enjoyed reliving the happy parts, even as I explored the not-so-happy parts.
  • Excellent topic, and thoughtfully explored. Thanks so much.
  • ...oncentrate on those that bring a person joy rather than angst, I guess is the real issue in most people's lives. Maybe there's some stories to be explored in that, me trying to establi...