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    ...bill and saving your money, which you can either use in investing, or you can use it for yourself. The final thoughts Now you must have got familiar with the reasons for hiring a...
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    ...s, but if I have worked on a project in a similar field that another client is interested in, I find this gives them some peace of mind that I am familiar with their niche/topic. I...
  • It seems to happen fairly often in historical fiction. The author tends to bend the "facts" in order to suit the story and advance the motive or as indicated to suit the plot. For someone who is familiar with the historical events, it can be feel forced and inaccurate.


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    ...l write it myself. And it may not be as pretty, but it will be a damn sight more honest. You don’t know shit. “Stone.” Many writers will be familiar with this voice of self-doubt...
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    ...ighly popular Examiner from 1937 to the middle of the 20th century managed by the media mogul William Randolph Hearst. As a hometown girl, I’m familiar with this landmark on the bus...


  • ...ence, who may not even nonfiction.. For me, as soon as I write under another name, I feel a certain freedom; it's like stepping out of my old familiar role, the one I’ve partially...
  • Reedsy is a platform that I've recently been introduced to and I've been going back and forth about joining it! It seems like a really great community. I'm also familiar with Upwork. I'll be keeping in mind all of these other awesome suggestions! Thanks so much for sharing them!
  • What a lovely, educational and inspiring article. It really took me away from my own familiar writing process where I learned a new approach to creating. Thanks so much for sharing.